__“Efficiency. Aggression. Intelligence.”_
-Captain Hassan Basir, Commanding Officer

The storied history of the ‘Blackjacks is one of great gambles, great fortunes and great tragedies. Notable for being one of the few remaining mercenary units founded during the First Succession War almost a century ago, it seems no matter what hardships befall the Blackjacks they’re always able to pick up the pieces and reform themselves into something greater.
Beginning as little more than a line item for an accounting & holding firm, almost a dozen BJ-1 Blackjack Battlemechs were purchased at heavy discount amidst negative press regarding the then new design. Although the original accounting firm has since folded their unorthodox mercenary unit remains and even fields an entire lance of the original machines, albeit some with upgrade kits purchased from the Free World’s League.
Currently the Blackjacks are in a precarious state of transition from old to new. At the age of twenty seven, Hassan Basir immediately (and unexpectedly) inherited the controlling stock of the entire unit (then known as Basir’s Blackjacks) after his uncle Quadim Hassir succumbed to undiagnosed pancreatic cancer. Hassan shocked his peers when he quietly resigned his comfortable and prestigious Associate Professor position at the New Avalon Military Academy and returned to the mercenary life.
Since taking command Hassan has begun overhauling all aspects of the Blackjacks from ‘mechs to personnel to tactics. Always seen as a dependable if unremarkable workhorse focusing on garrison and rearguard patrols in heavy urban areas, Hassan intends to modernize the Blackjacks into an aggressive front-line unit worthy of his well respected uncle’s name and memory which is still being honored by the Blackjack’s non-regulation beards.

Though young and untested, Captain Hassan “Blackbeard” Basir is proving to be a remarkably even-tempered leader on and off the battlefield who prides himself on not allowing emotion to influence his command decisions. Possessing a second dan in jiu-jitsu, Hassan leads a highly disciplined life focusing on the mercenary ideals of efficiency, intelligence and aggression. Although currently rarely given the chance, He does possess a more human side with a wry sense of humor, a preference for Kentucky Bourbon and a weakness for brunettes.
A textbook workaholic, Lieutenant Peter “Hack” Wick serves as the Blackjack’s executive officer in addition to often pulling shifts as a battlemech tech. Uncomfortable in his role as an officer, Jackson plays the role of stern disciplinarian only when necessary and actually prefers to be left alone with his reports, his machines and his coffee. Possessing a strong mind but a weak body, Jackson gained his callsign of “Hack” for the mild case of recurring pneumonia he’s suffered since childhood.
Lieutenant Erika “Valkyrie” Gunnarsdotter is a recent addition to the Blackjacks. After their previous liaison to the Free Rasalhague Republic abandoned the unit under ambiguous circumstances, Captain Basir requested a replacement which would serve directly under him as a member of his command lance.
Lieutenant Emmerich “Blue Blood” Willem commands the Blackjack’s heavy hitting beta lance. A born and bred noble of the Lyran Commonwealth, and former classmate of Captain Basir, Emmerich bought into the Blackjacks who subsequently fielded a lance of assault mechs under Blue Blood’s command.
Formerly dishonored and disposed, Lieutenant Jushin Eriksson swore a bushido blood oath to Captain Basir when he was accepted into the Blackjacks as a lance commander. Jushin was as properly dutiful as any Samurai, though less than enthused when he was appointed the impossible task of commanding, or at least reigning in, the Blackjack’s unconventional recon lance.

Having previously been organized and configured for lengthy garrison contracts where company scale transportation was unnecessary and technical support was assumed to be provided by employers, the Blackjacks are finding themselves ill equipped for Captain Basir’s new focus on aggressive contracts. The company of twelve mechs, unsurprisingly mostly aging Blackjacks,
only maintained support staff for two lances and its transportation is limited to a single lance and air support by a poorly maintained Leopard dropship.
Dragoons Rating: B-, Circa 3049


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